We are where we are today by truly believing in our clients and protecting, advocating, and leveraging their ideas and innovations. Some of Finland’s leading corporations, front runner projects and innovators have entrusted us with their most valuable assets and have let us handle their most demanding and business-critical IT agreements, outsourcing deals and technology acquisitions. We strongly believe that this is due to them relying on our business acumen and legal, technical, and scientific experience. They also understand that we not only speak their language – but we know how to listen, innovate and add value, too. This is the first fact you need to know about TRUST. and its methods.

We have advised both small entrepreneurs and large multinational corporations in virtually every type of IP-driven M&A, outsourcing, venture capital and investments. We have helped clients to divest their foreign operations, to create strategic partnerships and joint ventures and advised them in complex investment rounds – we claim that a small team of dedicated and experienced professionals who truly understand IP rights can make a difference in your deal. We further help our clients to set up and run licensing programs that can generate significant revenue streams and to pool patents, however also assisting in standards issues. Our experience and our background in the business of exploiting technology and IP assets bring our clients a strategic advantage in comparison to many of our competitors. IP transactions, often global in nature, require a business–savvy partner with legal, financial and technical expertise.

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Personal data and website management – trends in 2020

Despite the momentum created by the enactment of the GDPR , the ePrivacy reform has been delayed and remains under deliberation within the EU. The Finnish Presidency of the Council of the EU was still aiming to push the text of the Council of the EU across the finish line by the end of 2019 but according to latest intel the trilogue negotiations on the reform are expected to be initiated at earliest on 2021. Hence, the ePrivacy Regulation is not expected to be applied before the end of the envisaged two-year grace period around 2025. Even though the said reform continues to be postponed, there are several other factors which companies should be aware of in terms of personal data and privacy related matters. In this article, we will summarize some of the current trends and how they may affect your business.

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Proposed new act on university inventions increases freedom of contract but may still fall short of the expectations

The Finnish act on the right in inventions made at higher education institutions is in the process of being amended. The reason behind the underlying revision is to enhance the commercialisation of inventions at higher education institutions. Statistics on patents granted from 2013 to 2016 show that Finnish universities in general produced high-quality research and a wealth of excellent research results but, unfortunately, a large portion of these results will be left unexploited. But will the amended act solve this issue and enhance commercialisation?

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