M&A at its best is a form art. The most sophisticated transactions require meticulous tailoring, structuring and understanding of the parties’ intentions and strategy. Due to our commitment to deep knowledge and insight in all transactional work, we are able to concentrate on providing additional value to our clients. Through our established documentation models and seniority we are able to guide our clients though even the most complex transactions, negotiate, structure, and make deals happen when it matters the most.

Our corporate transaction services make you succeed in expanding your business, divestments, corporate financing and even when the business needs to be restructured financially or otherwise. We negotiate, draft and help you execute and follow up. We are there to protect and build your value. Our lawyers have carried out some of the biggest M&A transactions in Finland from defensive to hostile and friendly takeovers and public-to-private arrangements, reverse mergers, private equity acquisitions and divestments, small to mid-size corporate acquisitions as well as bid-processes and their financing.

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Mika J. Lehtimäki’s contribution to the Finnish Section of the new book ‘The Structured Products Law Review’

Despite the significant growth of the global structured product market in recent years, very few books on legal and regulatory issues related to structured products are available. The publication contributes to the knowledge base of legal practitioners and other structured product market participants. For our purposes, the term structured product refers to a pre-packaged investment that combines derivatives with other financial instruments to provide a return based on the performance of one or more underlying assets, including equity securities, indices, commodities, interest rates, currencies and, in some jurisdictions, credit risks.

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Devil and the details – ICT and standard terms

Should I recommend the use of standard contract terms and templates in contracting for ICT services? The fact is that some standard terms are used in almost every case in one way or another. The same issues are relevant regardless of the origin of the standard.

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Observations regarding new prospectus Regulation(s) – part 1

On 21 July 2019, the new Prospectus Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 (“Prospectus Regulation”) replacing the Prospectus Directive 2003//71/EY entered into force in full. The new articles allowing e.g. issue new shares to public without a prospectus when aggregate issue price was no more than MEUR 8 during a period of 12 months (compared to previous equivalent limit of MEUR 5) were already implemented effective as at 1 January 2019. The full application of the Prospectus Regulation means that EU prospectuses which are filed to the Finnish Financial Supervision Authority (“FIN-FSA”) now have to be drafted and approved under the new regulations.

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Juha Taipale TRUST.

Transaction Boutique TRUST growing to a leading ICT law firm in Finland: Juha Taipale joins the company as a partner

Leading ICT and outsourcing practitioner in Finland, Juha Taipale has been appointed as a TRUST partner. TRUST’s growth is driven by increasing demand in the TMT sector, business restructuring arrangements in the industry, investments, disputes and business digitalisation projects. TRUST is already one of the few boutique law firms in Finland that is ranked among the top firms in M&A, Financial Law and Technology law. The company further strengthens its competence and experience with broad-scale technology investments and other strategic assignments.

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Proposed new act on university inventions increases freedom of contract but may still fall short of the expectations

The Finnish act on the right in inventions made at higher education institutions is in the process of being amended. The reason behind the underlying revision is to enhance the commercialisation of inventions at higher education institutions. Statistics on patents granted from 2013 to 2016 show that Finnish universities in general produced high-quality research and a wealth of excellent research results but, unfortunately, a large portion of these results will be left unexploited. But will the amended act solve this issue and enhance commercialisation?

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