Proposed new act on university inventions increases freedom of contract but may still fall short of the expectations

The Finnish act on the right in inventions made at higher education institutions is in the process of being amended. The reason behind the underlying revision is to enhance the commercialisation of inventions at higher education institutions. Statistics on patents granted from 2013 to 2016 show that Finnish universities in general produced high-quality research and a wealth of excellent research results but, unfortunately, a large portion of these results will be left unexploited. But will the amended act solve this issue and enhance commercialisation?

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Do you know the main three negotiation points on cloud capacity acquisition? 

In essence, purchasing cloud solutions is a simple process: just go to the site of your choice, place an order and pay by credit card. Businesses, however, often prefer a higher level of customisation in the solution, and another the key element is that these enterprise level agreements give the group better overall visibility to ‘cloud spend’ and capacity optimisation.

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